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Metallurgica Bresciana, S.p.A(MB) design and manufacture special copper and fiber optic cables since 1968. As of today, we represent one of the most significant, dynamic and well-established companies in the market of special cables. Entered China market since 2007, Metallurgica Bresciana China (MTN) is now capable of providing a variety of solutions from products to systems for industrial connection applications. Find out more...


High performance, ecofriendly, long life, your ideal choice for robust applications.


Cable accessories

Conduit, gland, labeling system, all the cable protection accessories you need in harsh environments.


Cable systems

Plug-and-play cable harnessing system, a value-added solution at your service.


Tubing systems

Flexible connection between compressor, heat exchanger, valves in a CO2 heat pump air-conditioning system.