Cable accessories

With recent rapid growth in China rolling stock market, Metallurgica Bresciana made a bold move to provide our customers a one-stop connectivity solution by diversifying into the cable accessories area. Today Metallurgica Bresiana China is able to provide complete product range covering cable, cable conduit, cable gland as well as labeling system. Combined with our cable system services, the complete offering from Metallurgica Bresciana China makes us a preferred partner for rolling stock, automotive and industrial customers. The most commonly used cable accessories are cable conduit and cable gland. Under the trademark “MB connectivity”, our cable conduit and cable gland are made with state of the art design and manufacturing techniques. Thanks to our successful localization experience from cable area, all our prestigious cable conduit and cable gland products are made in China. Our cable accessory products are a perfect combination of premium quality at affordable cost, which is obviously your ideal choice for connectivity solution.